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Following the Civil War that resulted in 1990, Beirut city was able to emerge as the region's social center and a lively visitor destination somehow. Due to its natural splendor, Beirut is one the planet's most popular tourists' destinations. The actual Lebanon's mountains and the Mediterranean and beyond surrounding the city add a great deal beauty to the city. A lot of people from four edges of the world are attracted through the diversified culture, rich background welcoming and fun-loving people who Beirut has to offer. To accommodate all of the visiting people, Beirut town offers a wide variety of hotels through low priced hotels to high-class 4 star and five star hotels. Beirut resorts offer luxurious accommodation such as every modern convenience for example complimentary breakfast, refreshments, high-speed internet connectivity, and pool, live music night within the piano bar, direct cell phone line and satellite Televisions.


Hotels Locations


You can find a number of hotels throughout Beirut. The best locations to find hotels within Beirut are district associated with Achrafieh, city center Solidere, Beirut's Airport and Down-town Beirut.


1 . Hotels situated near Mediterranean Sea


Beirut resorts located near the Mediterranean Sea enable the guests an easy access to Rafic Hariri International Airport, the Beirut Central District as well as a amount of hottest tourists' destinations within Beirut.


2 . Achrafieh region


Beirut's district of Achrafieh and city center Solidere are considered as the two of the very best location where business as well as leisure visitors can easily discover the most suitable hotel accommodation according to their budget and residing needs. The place enable everyone to easily access the memorable nightlife of Beirut's Monot and Beirut's renowned retail center known as ABC that features espresso shops, tea rooms, shops and much more.


3. Sodeco Road and Makdessi Street


Sodeco Street and Makdessi Road are the two prominent areas to find comfortable hotel lodging in Beirut. Sodeco Road is peaceful spot within Beirut and is considered as among the best place for those tourists who would like to experience the amazing nightlife associated with Beirut. Similarly, Makdessi Road is also an awesome location which allows the guests an ideal access to down-town Beirut's night life as well as entertainment.


4. Hotels situated near Beirut airport


Beirut hotels located near Rafic Hariri International Airport enable everyone an easy access to Planet Breakthrough and Sanayeh Park as well as Parliament of Lebanon Creating.


5. Hotels near Beirut's Dunes Shopping Center


The resorts located near the popular Beirut's Dunes Shopping Center are the best when it comes to location. The Beirut's Sand hills Shopping Center features sand artwork playground for kids, movie theaters, basketball center and much more.


6. Resorts located near Downtown Beirut


Downtown Beirut is yet another amazing location to find the best hotels. This region refers to Hamra and the Main Business Districts of Beirut.


Beirut hotels offer comfy accommodation along with important facilities


The fully furnished areas of Beirut hotels tend to be beautifully decorated with bringing in interiors and equipped with high quality furniture to create the great residing environment. What are the important top features of hotels in Beirut?


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